First Week of Bargaining Update

The bargaining committee met with the company for the first time last week. Here is a day-by-day breakdown of what happened. 

-- DAY 1 --

The company made multiple concessionary demands on the first day of bargaining.

Proposals include:

Subcontracting- The company wants to increase the use of temps in outside departments which would remove the ability for senior workers to advance within the company

Attendance policy- Company proposed a shitty attendance policy

Sick time- company proposed dramatic cuts to sick time and significant restrictions to FMLA usage

Union Representation- Company proposed cuts and restrictions to union representatives

-- DAY 2 --

The union made 8 proposals to the company, 6 of which were rejected.

Proposals include:

Recognition- Requesting to add the trainers and the workforce group to the bargaining unit (Company Rejected)

Union membership- We made a proposal for agency fee. That all workers would tender a fee to the union for their share of representational costs. (Company Rejected)

Grievance procedure- We requested time extension on each step off the grievance procedure to make the process of filing a grievance simpler and less stressful for the members. (Company Rejected)

Binding arbitrations- We requested time extensions on arbitrating cases so that members have the ability to have adequate time to request the national union to arbitrate their case. (Company Rejected)

Joint Conference time-   in order to to solidify members getting the representation the members deserve, we proposed allowing two shop stewards to represent members in the grievance procedure. (Company Countered)

Holidays- We made a proposal for workers to have a floating holiday to be taken at the worker's discretion. (Company rejected)

Vacations- We proposed that employees with 15 years in the company should have a 5th week of vacation and that part time workers should accrue paid vacation. (Company rejected)

Safety committee- The committee shall consist of 2 representatives from each department and two managers to deal with the safety needs of the workers. (Company countered)

-- DAY 3 --

The company and your bargaining team met starting at 10:30. The company did not have their union busting consultant with them.

Subcontracting-  To protect seniority rights and upward mobility for the members, your bargaining team rejected the company’s subcontracting proposal which would drastically increase the use of temp employees and remove the ability for transfers to new departments.

Union leave- Your bargaining team countered the company’s proposal to remove the time restrictions on union officials and the limits to representatives.

Attendance- Your bargaining team countered the company’s proposal on attendance with a comprehensive proposal to meet the needs of the workers.

This proposal includes:

  • Point reduction: time limit extensions on the tardy, extended break, extended lunch an early departure. We added an earn back option for people to earn their points back with perfect attendance.

  • Paid sick time: We proposed workers being able to take sick time off at the beginning of their tour in 4 hour increments, having the ability to be paid out for unused sick time. Workers not having to use their sick time while using FMLA Leave

  • Mandatory OT: We proposed that before the company issues mandatory OT that they first must canvas for volunteers and that workers should have the ability to opt out of mandatory OT four times pers year. Also the company should only issue mandatory OT on critical days

Grievance procedure- Your bargaining team proposed extending the time limits on issuing a grievance to 45 days and 12 days on each step of appeal within the grievance procedure (company accepted after break)

Binding arbitration- Your bargaining team proposed time extensions to 45 days for appealing cases for arbitration. (company accepted after break)

Company requested break from 11:09 until 2:30 pm. Upon arrival the company accepted our proposals on arbitration and grievance procedure, they also stated that we are close on the subcontracting proposal and they would prepare their counter. Also that they were considering our attendance proposal but needed more time. Asked to look it over until 4:00 pm, at 4 pm they contacted us and stated they will come back to the table the following morning.

-- DAY 4 --

The company started the day making counter proposals on union leave, and giving proposals on the IP process and corrective behavior.

Unions leave: The company proposed having the union give monthly updates on who the union representatives are, and that union stewards should only be 4% of any department, departments smaller than 25 people will be allowed one stewart. The company did not want to give union leave to anyone who is in an elected position within the union. We requested that they counter based on our discussion.

IP process & corrective behavior- The company proposed two separate tracks for improving performance issues and correcting behavioral issues. Which would remove the ability for both production and behavior to used within the same progressive discipline process.