CWA 1102 Members March in the 2016 NYC Labor Day Parade

CWA Local 1102 members showed off their union pride when they marched up 5th avenue in NYC as part of the 2016 NYC Labor Day Parade. Every year thousands of union workers march up the middle of Manhattan in a tradition that is over 100 years old. This year Xerox Shop Steward Carmen Arroyo and her family had an oppertunity to talk to Mayor Bill Diblasio. Afterwards members of 1102 from both Verizon and Xerox joined together for CWA 1102 traditional Labor Day dinner! It was a great event and we hope we can encourage more of our brother and sisters to particpate next year. A special thank you to Xerox Shop Steward Dona Carrington for her help on the parade committee!