Bargaining Update Day #5

Bargaining continued today. The Company handed over a counter proposal on Article 12 "Absence" The company's proposed two policy changes, insufficient notice and extended break time. Our counters sought to reduce the amount of time points last including a "buy back" program that would reduce points in return for perfect attendance. We are still working to do on these issues.

The Company proposed changes to Article 23 "Paid Sick Leave".Last week they proposed changes requiring paid sick leave to be used in increments of 4 hours or more. Today they came down to requiring 2-hour increments. In addition, the Company orignally proposed that all employees must use any accrued sick time when taking FMLA leave. They removed this requirment in the proposals they gave us today. We hope to find agreement soon on this issue.

We passed proposals that deal wth Article 13 "Corrective Action" To prevent the Company's ability to combine performance improvement with other disciplinary action, we are seeking two separate articles. At this point, it looks likely that we will accomplish this goal by establishing a new article to deal with Performance Improvement separate from Article 13 "Corrective Action."

We also proposed language to deal with the mandatory overtime issue. We proposed a requirement on the Company to canvass for volunteers before they use mandatory OT, a limit on mandatory OT, and an "opt out option" allowing relief from mandatory OT several times a year. The Company rejected this offer. We will be countering on this issue.

The Company is seeking many changes. Our priority is to defend the contract and make improvements where we can. We will continue to advance our agenda of work/life balance and dignified work conditions.

Please see a Contract Action Team member about the plan for tomorrow night!